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2 weeks ago
On 27 Aug '14
» A message from king-of-the-wasteland:

((I don't know but Koschei is whining and he misses Theta so uhm..)) "Thete... Theta?" Koschei asked in a hushed voice. "Are you still awake?"

Giving a tiny noise the blond student stirred in his sleep, rolling on his back and clumsily reaching to his face to push the blond strands from his face. 
"am now.." he uttered, but it did just sound sleepy not in any way angry. 
Turning his head on the pillow to the door, he blinked a few times, still half-lidded eyes but a smile tugging at his lips:
"Hey, Kosch. is somethin’?"  

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    Theta gave first a displeased noise as Koschei shoved him lightly and then started to laugh. He had just compared his...
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    Koschei leaned back a bit, both eyebrows lifted as he looked Theta over. He made a noise in the back of his throat and...